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Blocks LXP is the best of both worlds. We assemble your perfect platform with precisely the features you need based on our modular architecture. Tailored to your needs and with exactly the look and feel you and your users desire. Bespoke and fully customizable but with the advantages of already developed blocks. You can guess where we got our name from.

blocks. knocks off your socks.
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Blocks is a fully on-brand customisable Learning Experience Platform (LXP). It delivers customised learning experiences using existing technology. It combines the best from custom- made and off-the-shelf: A seamless fit without starting from scratch. We assemble your own custom LXP with re-usable building blocks so that you can create and deliver exactly the right personalised learning experience for everyone in your organisation. Data-driven, fully responsive and connected with all tools, content and systems. Ready for now and fit for the future.

10 reasons why to choose for Blocks.


Personal: Adaptive learning experiences for each individual based level of experience, data and ambition.


Authoring: No strings attached, you can independently develop online/offline/blended training, fully on-brand.


Insights: Real-time, relevant dashboards for various roles (learner, team lead, manager, admin... you name it)


One-stop shop: One place for all learning; classroom, webinars, e-learning, videos, news, podcasts, blended programmes, external content,


Data-driven: Learning data, performance data and business results stored and displayed in one place.


Next level: Gamification, learning chatbot, latest technology, optimised for both mobile and desktop.


Connected: Fully integrates with external tools such as Google, Office 365, Slack, SalesForce, HR tools and of course endless SSO possibilities.


Multi-lingual: Google Translate as integrated translation feature for all you content.


Expandable: Blocks follows the dynamics of your organisation and the latest tech developments. General inspiration for all, just your own prioritised roadmap.


Secure: All data and the platform is secured following the latest requirements and GDPR regulations.

why blocks?

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Fully customised features and branding.

We assemble Blocks exactly the way you want it: only what you need, completely on brand. Does that mean building it from scratch? No. Blocks consists of a collection of existing elements (indeed, blocks) which we use to assemble your ideal platform. We create unique constructions with existing building materials.

A Blocks LXP typically consists of adaptive, personal learning paths with online training, news items, articles, media, classroom training, podcasts, live webinars and many more learning elements. It contains a built-in online authoring tool which enables others within your organisation to develop learning whenever and wherever they want, consistent in quality and on-brand. Personalised dashboards for both learners and managers provide real-time insights in progress and results, related to business KPIs.

Lots of work? No.
Sit back and relax while we guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We will facilitate the design process to create the platform that seamlessly fits your people, your business and your technologies. And provide support, hosting, helpdesk and inspiration once we are live.

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Data-driven. Blocks connects all your dots.

We connect all your existing trainings (classroom, online, live events, external content), with all your data (learning, performance, business results) to deliver a one-stop shop for all learning to everyone.

Blocks gets the most out of your data. It integrates business data into the learning, and learning data into the business.

All learning in Blocks starts and ends with data. Learning paths are established based on role, function, historic learning data, ambition and external performance data. Think of the impact learning can have when you integrate your business data in your learning!? We will connect your LXP with data from your HR performance tools, sales systems, and customer support tools to generate one single, real-time data dashboard.

Not only do we improve the learning experience for the user, or create better learning solutions based data but we really create an impact by connecting the business dots as well. Using KPIs and combining these with learning goals. Measuring and creating a platform where users can learn, but also see benefits in their performance.

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No license fees.

Once your custom learning platform has been assembled, you can use it as much as you want. That means: No license fees. Unlimited users.

We believe in smooth learning experiences. Free of obstacles, seamlessly integrated in the work and lives of everyone. We want to encourage learning, not tax it.

Blocks is project-based: our customers invest in the design and assembly of their platform. Once it is ready to go, you can use it as much as you want.

Your success stays your success!

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Preview of the LXP we created for Adidas
Image of quote for clients


“I wanted to build a learning platform for all our people to use globally, so that there would be one source of truth.” And that platform is now up and running: “We have truly been able to take learning to a higher level, and I’m proud of that.”  

Ok and another one because we are so proud 😊 . “Our employees speak with so many customers a day, which is incredibly valuable for adidas and opens a lot of opportunities for the organisation". This is why customer service is no longer viewed as a Cost Center, but increasingly as a Value Center.”

Want to read more, click here for the full article.

Laura Donders
L&D Manager
Image of quote for clients
Preview of the LXP we created for DPG


“One of the reasons was that they – from the start- continuously asked questions to figure out what we were really searching for."

Pim explains that in the end RMMBR and Nerds won the pitch, “one of the reasons was that they – from the start- continuously asked questions to figure out what we were really searching for. They challenged us and that was a positive thing, because we were searching for a business partner for the long run, a company that fully understands us. And they walk the extra mile when needed. It’s a fun and dynamical team, not so formal and we really hit it off.”

His highest goal was to create a unique user experience. And of course another important requirement is the use of data. For DPG data is the new gold and with the LXP he wants to create cross-connections with the data being collected via the Academy and from the business.

Want to read more, click here for the full article and here for another article from DPG Belgium.

Pim Peters
L&D Manager
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The best of both worlds combined in a unique solution.

Experts in digital learning & content creation
Experts in design & development

Are you ready for Blocks?

Do you want to take learning and development to a next level? Do you recognise the power of data? Do you want to deliver a personalised learning experience to each and every individual in your organisation? Do you want technology that adapts to your people and your organisation? Do you want a unique, innovative and fully on-brand LXP? Then you are ready for Blocks. The learning experience that knocks off your socks.

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